Saint and Sinner Records announces release of Dennis Ledbetter’s new CD: My Life Is a Country Song

We have patiently waited for a while, but Dennis Ledbetter’s sophomore CD “My Life Is A Country Song” has finally arrived… and it was worth the wait. Don’t you just really miss country music, sometimes? The shuffles, twosteps and blue yodels, the twin fiddles and sobbing steel guitar.

Unadorned and direct, country voices that sing heartfelt songs about real people—songs that soar with hope, with laughter, or just profoundly and completely break your heart. “The heart of country music is in the lyrics. The lyrics come from the heart and deep down in the soul. I opened my heart and shared my pain. I opened a vein. The songs I wrote came from there. The songs I didn’t write, touched my soul,” says Dennis Ledbetter, Independent Artist. “Special thanks to Lynda Weingartz with AirPlay Direct and Robert Weingartz with Collective Evolution for sharing their exceptional talents with me. Because of their efforts I am able to share my music with the world. And it is unapologetically country.” If you miss the heart and soul of real country music in voices like George Jones, Merle Haggard, and even Charlie Daniels, John Conlee and Hank, Jr., you’re going to love Dennis Ledbetter. “Dennis’ sophomore CD shows a ‘real life snapshot’ of Dennis’ life over the past few years. It also shows a lot of growth in an artist from album to album,” said Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct / Collective Evolution. “If you like real, stone cold country, you are going to love this album…I do.” The first single off of this CD is “Open A Vein”. It was written a few years back by a friend of Dennis’, Martin Flanagan, and was a song Dennis fell in love with instantly. You can certainly hear it in the truthfulness of the song and in Dennis’ honest vocal delivery. The full CD and new single are currently available to radio world at , and is available for digital download on all digital formats including CD Baby, ITunes, and Amazon.