If You Drive Me To Drinking

Title : If You Drive Me To Drinking
Release Date : September 2, 2013

If you are interested in hearing some traditional country music, this is the album for you. Recorded in Nashville TN with some of the finest studio musicians Nashville has to offer.
© Copyright – Dennis Ledbetter / Mallory Records / Nashville (884501964760)

Track Listing:

  1. If You Drive Me to Drinking (I’ll Buy the Gas)
  2. What Am I Gonna Do
  3. Bayou Self
  4. Blame the Whiskey
  5. Three Acres of Fillies at Billy’s
  6. I Love You More (When You’re Not at Home)
  7. She Ain’t Blind and You Ain’t Braille
  8. She’s Giving Him the Best Years of My Life
  9. One Pitcher Pretty
  10. I Need a Little Time
  11. Waterbed
  12. Turbine Cowboy