Nominated again by the Academy of Western Artists in 2018!

I am truly honored to be nominated by the Academy of Western Artists’ in multiple categories. Pure Country 2018 Male. Pure Country 2018 Album for EP “It Might Be the Whiskey”. Pure Country 2018 Song for “It Might Be the Whiskey”, “JD’s My Whiskey Not My Name”, I’ll Let the Bottle Kill Me (Before Your Memory Does)”, and “That Ain’t Country”. Thank you AWA, DJs, and fans. Pure country music is not dead. You are just listening to the wrong radio stations. 

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Academy of Western Artists Nominee - Dennis Ledbetter

Dennis Ledbetter – Academy of Western Artists Nominee – 2018


Saint & Sinner Records Does It Again – Dennis Ledbetter’s 2nd Animated Music Video

Dennis Ledbetter – It Might Be The Whiskey – Animated Music Video

“It Might Be the Whiskey”

Saint and Sinner Records releases New Animated Video for “It Might Be the Whiskey” from the EP “It Might Be the Whiskey” The video was produced by Larry Simpson for Saint and Sinner Video Production

A new original song from unapologetically country singer Dennis Ledbetter, explores the pain of knowing you screwed up a perfectly great relationship—and now there’s no going back and fixing it. It’s too late, the fiddle wails, and there’s no one to blame but yourself. It may be the whiskey consumed in an attempt to numb the pain. It may be depression on the brink of self-induced insanity. Whatever the vehicle, this guy has found his way to the bottom and he can’t find a way to stand up and start over. Dennis Ledbetter possesses the heartbreak-inflected, George Jones-tinged country vocal to tell this “three chords and the truth” song. If you prefer heartache to happiness in your country music, this song is for you.